June 15th 2020
Settled in 2009, the Île-de-France Digital University Faculty/Staff Development Program already scored more than 10.000 registrations on 1.000+ sessions, covering 80 topics related to digital tools and practices. Still presenting an unmatched range, this initiative received a national and international recognition.
The spring 2020 sanitary situation, and the closing of universities that followed led us to some adaptations.
The first step consisted to assure a continuity of service by switching almost 60% of our sessions to videoconferencing from late April. Thus, 34 sessions have been scheduled up to July 9th, and received very positive feedbacks, especially confirming the relevancy and the efficiency of this format.
In fact, all of our sessions have been specifically readapted to the constraints and the benefits of the videoconferencing, especially by maintaining a maximal interactivity with the attendees.
Among them, faculties have been welcome to follow sessions on the topic of teaching with digital, fitting the current trends.
The 2020 back to school will indeed need to implement new pedagogic practices, online and hybrid, that will use the digital extensively. The second step of our initiative’s adaptation will exactly seek to support the faculties in that way, by offering them a complete course « teaching with digital », that we are happy to announce today.
The sessions we already proposed on that topic will so be developed and completed, to compose a 10 modules course organized in 3 main parts, showcased hereafter:

This course proposes to the faculties to get or to complete knowledges and practices allowing them to move to online or hybrid teaching configurations, in autonomy or with the support of their institution’s services. It will make the attendees able:

  • To understand the limits but also the benefits of the online & hybrid teaching;
  • To get the fundamentals of the online learning modules (capsules) creation and of the related assessment;
  • To be autonomous on the production of different kinds of contents, including: multimedia slideshows, commented screen recordings (screencasts), edited videos with picture in picture;
  • To master the videoconferencing lectures animation techniques, and especially the interactivity with the students in synchronous and asynchronous ways;
  • To implement complementarity between the online teaching and the face-to-face activities, including the use of Learning Spaces.

Practical infos
The attendees can choose to follow the course entirely, or individually by module.
In both cases, it will be necessary to respect the order indicated in the course, in order to keep the consistency between the modules.
Those modules will be organised by default in interactive videoconferencing, and in a flipped classroom way for some of them. As soon as the sanitary situation will allow it, we will switch some sessions to face-to-face in our Learning Spaces, but some others will be maintained in videoconferencing anyway.
This course will be scheduled three times during the autumn semester, starting on September 9th.
Registrations and informations (for Île-de-France Digital University members institutions): http://formation.unif.fr